Educational Baby Games
To Stimulate Your Baby

Educational Baby games and toys are so important, they stimulate your babies brain, create interest and arouse curiosity for further development.

When your baby is born their eyesight is blurry, and for the first two months of their life they can only focus on objects that are eight to ten inches in front of them.

The first colours your baby sees are black, white and red, so it is important to make their environment exciting.

Education Baby games and toys should be bright. The brighter the better!

The whole world around your baby is new, so fill it with bright colours, moving objects, classical music and textured toys.

Baby educational games and toys will help your baby to learn about the world in a stimulating, fun and safe way.

Baby Animals Black and White

Has your baby used a good, bright and textured educational baby games and toys?

If so, why not help other parents choose the best educational Baby Games and Toys! Click Here to tell us about your Babies Favourite Toy

I have included many baby games and toys ideas on the baby section of this website, simply use the Navagation Bar on the left hand side, or for advice on choosing games for a particular age, use this page about Educational Baby Games To Help Development.

As your baby grows, you will want educational toys that help your child learn eye-hand coordination as well the large and small motor-control skills.

You will also need toys that help colour and shape identification, matching and spatial relationships.

And educational baby games and toys that stimulate social and language development, imagination, and creativity.

Through play, babies learn to use their five senses, at first by watching and listening, then by touching, tasting and smelling everything within reach.

Play helps them to explore, discover, experiment, practice new skills and, once these have been mastered, and as they become more mobile, they go on to tackle greater challenges.

You are your baby's super hero; she looks up to you for the best start in life.

What you do and how you react in her environment, will be reflected in her, she will follow in your footsteps.

Interaction is important, which shouldn't be limited to just visual contact, as touch is an extemely important sense and Baby Massage can help develop this.

Also, take a look at Baby Sign Language, which seems to improve your baby's IQ, confidence and bonding. Using simple sign language is also reported to reduce your baby’s frustration and tantrums!

Your baby will grow more now in the first year of their little life than at any other time, both physically and mentally, just remember, You can make a difference!

Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile

Educational Baby games and toys are so important, they stimulate your babies brain, create interest and arouse curiosity for further development.

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