Language Learning Games For Preschool

Language learning games for preschoolers are important to help them develop communication and vocabulary skills, and provide them with foundation for reading and writing.

Preschool children should be able to listen, respond and take part in language games. And they should begin to be able to associate sounds with patterns in rhyme and song.

Prechoolers should also be beginning to recognize letters by shape and sound.

Developing communication skills is a key-learning objective, and importance should be given to both talking, as well as listening.

Enjoyable activities encourage the development of these key skills, and excellent activities for preschool language would include; stories, nursery rhymes, poems, role- play activities, puppet play and sequencing cards.

And of particular importance are specific abc learning games, listening games, songs and rhymes.

You child will also enjoy talking about books and pictures, memory games and 'What's The Difference Cards'.

Language learning games such as a 'feely box' is a great activity, and if your preschooler is encouraged to describe what they can feel, without seeing what it is, they will rapidly extend their vocabulary.

There are eight desirable learning outcomes from playing preschool language games, these are...

  1. Expressing themselves and listening to others.
  2. Making up stories.
  3. Handling books.
  4. Identify rhymes.
  5. Recognizing alphabet letters by name.
  6. Recognizing alphabet letters by sound.
  7. Writing their own name.
  8. Showing an interest in writing various words.

Here are some great ideas for preschool learning games that can be made out of every day activities. By changing boring tasks into fun games, you will help to keep your child's concentration and imagination going strong.

Language learning games for preschoolers are important to help them develop communication and vocabulary skills, and provide them with foundation for reading and writing.

Recommended Preschool Language Learning Games

The following are my recommended Preschool Language Learning Games, just click on the pictures to find out more.

If you don't find suitable language learning games for your preschooler here, take a look at these Bestselling Preschool Toys & Games

Scribble and Write

Dot-To-Dot is a great activity for children, teaching them pen control as well as letter shapes, but this LeapFrog game takes it to a new level.

Instead of dots, your preschooler will follow lights to make pictures and shapes, as well as both upper and lower case letters. And as this learning toy can be plugged into the LeapFrog Online Learning Center, this game will grow with your child, and you will have plenty of ideas to further their learning.

This abc learning game teaches the alphabet, phonics, writing skills and pencil control

LeapFrog #1 In Learning Fun

Responsibility Chart

The Responsibility Chart has been popularized on the TV by The Nanny shows and has been used effectively in behavior correction. However, it should not be overlooked as a good addition to every child's upbringing.

This chart uses magnets as reward tokens for various tasks that your child can partake in, and helps them to understand the idea of help or behavior and reward.

It teaches skills like listening and understanding, helps them to express themselves, gives them an understanding of consequence, and allows them to establish their place and their role in the family.

Play and Learn with Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug See & Spell

This is a lovely word building set from Melissa & Doug that includes pictures and three and four letter words.

Each wooden puzzle picture has inlayed shapes for the corresponding letters to make up the simple word.

Language learning games that involve this type of interaction with pictures, letters and words will give your child the basics to letter recognition and word structure, and with over fifty letter and sixteen picture boards, your preschooler will love this game.

Preschool Toys & Games

Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set

The Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set from LeapFrog is a great abc learning game, it was awarded the Gold Seal and Snap Award from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio in 2003 and named Toy of the Year at Nick

The toy fixes on the fridge, along with the magnetic letters and introduces letter sounds and names to your preschooler.

Simply place the letter in the toy and listen to the name and sound of the letter along with a cheerful phonic learning song.

More PreSchool Phonics Games

LeapFrog Tag Reading System

The Tag Reading System is the ultimate of language learning games. The Tag collection has more than 40 book and games based on favorite children's characters, and the interactive Tag reader develops your child's understanding of phonics and pronunciation, and helps with the early stages of reading.

The Tag system is a much loved toy, and has won over 28 toy awards in 6 different countries.

On the negative side, as the technology for this toy is so advanced, you will need to keep it updated through your PC. No problem if you are used to doing regular PC maintenance, (disc cleaning, updating etc), probably not for you if you are not used to using a computer.

More LeapFrog Tag Reading Systems

ThinkFun Zingo

This is a word version of Bingo and great fun for young children. It plays as Bingo, but instead of matching numbers you match pictures and words.

This is a fun learning game that teaches word and picture recognition, as well as skills like matching, concentrating and interacting with others.

Zingo can be played at various levels of difficulty, and has long and shortened versions, so it will suit young and older children alike.

Language Learning Games From ThinkFun

Vtech Tote and Go Laptop

There are plenty of fun activities to do with this laptop, from e-cards to music, but its educational value goes much further.

Your preschooler will have so much fun with the language learning games and grasp the meanings of letters and words. They will also gain vital keyboard and mouse skills, as well as discovering numbers, shapes, logic and reasoning.

And because the Laptop can be integrated with the Vtech's Learning Lodge Software, their learning will continue to develop.

More Learning Games From vtech

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