Fun Math Games
For 8-11 Year Olds

Fun Math games for 8-11 year olds will help your child when Math and Number get more complicated in the classroom.

With each new school year, Math concepts start to get more and more complex, but rather than see your child struggle, give them a helping hand with some of these recommended Math learning games.

It would be helpful to find out what your child is now learning at school, as well as how they are being taught, as you don't want to be showing your child one way of working out a Math problem, while their teachers are taking a different approach.

Teachers will be more than happy to share information with you; after all, you will be helping them too.

There are some great learning games, that will not only help your child understand these new Math concepts, they will also show your child how they might use them from day-to-day!

The idea of educational games for Math could sound boring to some people, but surprisingly, these learning games are great fun, as well as educational.

I have included some fun games at the bottom of this page, you will also find a list of learning objectives as well as some award winning Math games for the 8 to 11s here, as well as some strategy games for Math that are a bit more complex.

And for some more Math games for all ages, check out the Math activities, toys and games page.

Fun Math games for 8-11 year olds will help your child when Math and Number get more complicated in the classroom.

Recommended Math Games

The following are my recommended Math games, just click on the pictures to find out more.

If you don't find what you need here, check out these bestselling games for Math.

Flip 4 Strategic Game

This is an easy to learn, fun, award winning game that combines strategy with simple Math concepts.

It reinforces the learning of the times tables by using multiplication to a maximum of six. These can be difficult ideas for children to grasp and retain, but with practice, they will be recalling multiplication problems instantly.

Education Games From MindWare

Totally Tut Math Operations Game

This is a lovely game from Learning Recourses for up to four players. It is easy to learn, and children will love the Egyptian style board game and pieces.

This game reinforces addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and involves problem solving and critical thinking.

Learning Resources Toys and Games

24 Game Double Digits

The idea is straightforward and easy, but the solution is not. Quite simply, each player must use their Math skill to make the number 24.

There is always a solution with this game, but by only being able to use a numbered card once, the problem may involve multiplying, dividing, adding or taking away. A great game for developing arithmetic skills.

More Math Games For Kids

Equate: The Equation Thinking Game

Math games that involve equations can be really good fun, and Equate, which plays a bit like Scrabble, is a real equation thinking game.

This game helps with arithmetic skills, problem solving and strategy, and uses whole numbers, fractions and Math symbols. If your child is new to some of these Math concepts, the game can be simplified and new ideas added when the time is right.

More From Conceptual Math Media


Payday is a great game for teaching children about money and value, and they really get to appreciate the idea of work, salary, bills and budgeting.

This is a great fun game that your children will love to play, the educational value is hidden in as much that they won't realize that there is a lesson here, and it could light the entrepreneur in your child.

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Nintendo DS Personal Trainer: Math

Computer games offer a far more interactive way of learning that has been very much under used. Nintendo have been one of the few companies to realize this, and as a result, developed a range of brain training games for the Nintendo DS.

This Math personal trainer progresses through simple, yet quick addition and subtraction, on to more complex calculation ladders. It's fun, addictive and educational.

Educational DS Games From Nintendo

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